Flavors of the world: Canelones de Sant Esteve


Today we start a marathon of meals and Christmas celebrations that, in my case, will last almost two weeks. The highlight will be the celebration of Christmas Eve, Christmas and San Esteban. Although in Catalonia Christmas Eve is not celebrated in every house, in mine we celebrate everything.

This year for the fourth consecutive year I am in charge of organizing the family food of Sant Esteve, in which the star dish is the meat cannelloni. Traditionally, cannelloni were made as a result of leftover meat from the previous days. Making cannelloni for 12 people is not a simple task and that is why I usually prepare them the week before with calm, since I end up preparing almost 100 cannelloni every year. So, as I wear, I have frozen cannelloni for a season. But maybe you are wondering: how are meat cannelloni made? Well, you're in luck, since I'm going to share with you my super secret recipe.

Canelons of Sant Esteve

Ingredients for cannelloni (for 100 cannelloni):
800 g minced beef skirt
2 chopped chicken breasts
2 chopped chicken livers
800 g lean minced pork
500 g pork sausage
1 can of Foie gras La Piara
2 small onions
2 small tomatoes
2 bay leaves
1 cinnamon stick
½ liter of homemade chicken broth
5 packages of cannelloni (of 20 units each)
3 disposable aluminum trays of 18 units
6 6-unit disposable aluminum trays
Grated cheese

A little toast the one on the right, but very good.

Preparation of the cannelloni of Sant Esteve:

In a large pot to make roasts we put some olive oil that covers the bottom. When hot, add the chopped onion and let it simmer. Next, add the crushed tomatoes and stir well gradually.

Add all the minced meat and stir well until the meat begins to be done. At that point, we add the chicken broth, the cinnamon stick and the bay leaf. We raise the heat to medium-strong until the broth has been consumed a little.