Second trip to New York: Last purchases in Manhattan and Long Island City


It is often said that when you have fun, time flies and, in the case of travel, the same thing happens. You spend months waiting for the appointed date to arrive and then without hardly realizing it, it is time to return home. That was our last morning in the city, since our flight left in the afternoon. For that morning we decided to get up early and go shopping last minute "perishable."

The Village first thing in the morning

As last night we were looking forward to spending more time in the Village, we decided to go buy the cupcakes and cookies at the Magnolia Bakery that is there and so take advantage to see the area better. The disappointment was that when we arrived at the Magnolia Bakery, famous for its cupcakes and for having been in the series Sex in New York, we saw that it was closed for renovations. Also, at 9 am on a Friday, in Greenwich Village there is not much activity that is said, so we decided to have breakfast in the area and then go to the Upper East Side to do the shopping.

Entrance to Le pain quotidien, also translated as "quotidiano" pain, for how expensive it was

And the interior of the bakery. The cousin posh of Good Migas.

After a week eating fried and eggs, our stomachs claimed some healthy food and, while we were going to the subway, we saw a kind of French bakery-cafe that had "good" bread and decided to go in to see if we could have breakfast more or less healthy The girl brought us the breakfast menu and in the end we ordered cheddar cheese and "Paris" ham with a slice of bread similar to peasant bread. But when I asked him if he could toast the bread, he goes and releases us:

―Our bread is made every morning and is not served toasted.

The phrase itself is not that I have anything wrong, what sovereignly showed me was the silly mixture of sage and snob that gave me a rage that you die. I stared at the waitress wanting to say:

"Look pretty, I eat" good "bread every day, so don't come to me as an expert on breads.

Instead, I bit my tongue and asked him to bring me, to his amazement, olive oil instead of butter. Ok, I already know that I am not in my country and that I must be more understandable with the customs of others, which I always do. But I can not stand the waiters of "cool" places, who treat you with contempt for the simple fact of not entering with a fur coat ...

It must be said that the Paris ham was good, that the bread was passable and that the olive oil from Tunisia tasted like sunflower oil. For the "healthy" breakfast we pay $ 15 per beard. And is that eating junk in the US It is very affordable, but eating food in conditions makes the budget go off.

Interior of the Levain Bakery

Once we had breakfast, we went by subway to Amsterdam Av. With 74 to buy cookies on Levain Bakery. The cookies of this bakery are considered one of the best in the city and the truth is that they are very good. The cookies are the size of a fist and have four flavors and, of course, I bought a box with all types.

I already had the first "perishable" purchase of the day, so we walked to 69th Street to buy the second. Luckily, Magnolia Bakery also has a branch in the Upper East Side and there I bought cupcakes and more cookies to take away. The cupcakes are very good, but I have to better recommend the ones from the Two little Red Hens.

Magnolia Bakery

With the purchases made, we walk down to Columbus Circle and enter the Williams-Sonoma, boutique-store specializing in kitchen objects and paradise for kitchen lovers. All super well placed and sold everything, from Kitchenaids (pity they took a whole suitcase and worth $ 500), pots, molds, etc. In the end I bought dough to make vanilla cookies and pink sugar to decorate them.

MoMA's PS1 in Long Island City

With our hands full of bags we decided to go to Orestes' house to stop shopping and take a walk around Long Island City. Next to Orestes' house is the PS1 of the MoMA, which is the contemporary center of art, and also the 5pointz, which is an old warehouse that has become an outdoor space where graffiti artists do their work and is considered one of The mecca of graffiti. We went there to go for a walk and enjoy the works of art there. Finally, and to say goodbye to the city, we walked up to the Promenade of Long Island City and there we said goodbye to Manhattan until next time.

When we picked up our bags again, we were talking for a while with Orestes, who is lovely. We had a fair amount of money and we suffered because we didn't know if we were going to get to the JFK for the taxi, since from Long Island they go with a meter. Not that it was a big problem, because in taxis you can pay by credit card. But Orestes called us to a chauffeur company that took us to the airport for $ 35. Perfect! Because we only had $ 40 in cash left.