The Hammam and the Mariano #TBMAGP restaurant in Malaga


On the occasion of the #TBMAGP, Turismo de Málaga organized a series of activities so that the assistant bloggers could enjoy the city according to the tastes of each one. From the extensive list, which included from walks in segway to a workshop for paint like PicassoWe chose two activities: the visit to the Hammam of Malaga and a cooking course at the Mariano restaurant.

It goes without saying that the hammam It was the first activity in which the registrations were sold out and that, after the intensive day of the previous day, relax in an authentic hammam and then give you a massage is a luxury. At half past ten we all showed up at the Hammam and they provided us with a single-use flip flops, a towel and a pestemal (pareo) in case you hadn't brought your swimsuit. The interior of hammamIt is not very large, it has a room with a hot marble with a round shape and another with marble steps where one can lie down and relax.

In the room at the entrance, there are three marble beds where you are made the bathroom. The truth is that the bathroom they gave us in Malaga differed a little from the one I took in Istanbul. He hammam Malaga is mixed, so that the "midwives" go with a swimsuit and when cleaning, instead of wrapping yourself in a thick layer of soap, in Malaga they first gave you a massage with soap and oil and then exfoliated you with a glove of mane. I think I prefer the Malaga format. What I thought was strange is that they did not wash your hair at the end as they do in Turkey, since when I left I had a little bad hair.

The tense moment of the bath is when you throw the bucket of cold water, because the impact is quite noticeable with all the heat that one carries over and the occasional scream was heard in the room. Warning: in he hammam don't expect a pool because the Arab baths don't haveThe ones that had pools were the Roman baths and that's another story. The Hammam of Malaga also has a room where, once taken the bath, one can relax, although that day we had such a busy schedule that we did not have time to use it.

Once relaxed and with soft skin like that of a baby, we walked through the historic center of the city. The center of Malaga is very beautiful and is very well maintained. I really like buildings painted with those typical white wooden balconies.

At the appointed time we appear at the Mariano restaurant, one of the best in the city. Together with 12 other bloggers we had signed up for traditional cooking course. On the upper floor they enabled an elongated table so that we did not miss any step of how to prepare the Malaga white garlic. Chef Manuel Molero, who has been in charge of Mariano's kitchen for three years, explained how to make the recipe. He used Thermomix, but he told us that it could also be done with a blender.

Mariano restaurant-style white garlic recipe Mariano


100 g raw almonds
3 garlic cloves
200 g hard white bread
100 g of soft olive oil
1 liter of cold water
3 tablespoons of sherry vinegar
bunch of muscat grapes


1. We put the bread to soak in the liter of water and leave it in the fridge so that it is very fresh.
2. Scald the almonds with boiling water 5 minutes to peel the almonds.
3. In a blender we chop the peeled garlic, the peeled almonds and a little salt. Add the soaked bread (well drained) and mix everything well. A fine paste is made, to which the oil is added slowly so that it flirts.
4.Then we will add the vinegar and mix it well.
5. Fresh water is slowly added so that everything is well mixed.
6. At the time of serving the white garlic, we decorate the plate with peeled grapes and without seeds.